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Options: Taking a peek behind the curtain

Since you’ve stumbled across this article, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about options trading (sometimes called equity options, or options, for short), and an even better chance that you’ve been told they’re risky, complex financial instruments better left to professional traders. It’s also a near certainty that someone, somewhere has told you about how much money they’ve made, or lost, trading options. So, let’s dive in.

For all you may have heard, a large part of the risk in trading options (or any financial product) lies with the trader (ie, you take the risk). Options can be confusing if you don’t have much experience with them, and it can be difficult to learn how they work. But here’s the thing—for all their nuances, options are just assets that can be bought and sold.

In fact, options were created as a way to help protect large portfolios or stock positions against collapses in the markets—not to speculate. It was a simple way of transferring a lot of the risk of holding a stock onto someone else, without compromising much of the stock’s existing profit or upside potential.

Today, the three most common uses for options are speculation, income, and protection. Let’s break these down.

Perhaps the biggest myth is that options are all just high-risk, short-term vices for adrenaline junkies. While there are very short-term options that can expire in as little as a week (more risky), there are also options that expire in nearly three years (not as risky). So, while there’s certainly an appeal for short-term day traders, options can also play nice with long-term investors looking for thoughtful ways to hedge (trader-speak for protect against) market risk or even potentially enhance returns.

Our goal isn’t to preach that one way to trade options is better than another (we couldn’t even if we wanted to). But, we do want to empower you with information to help you find your comfort zone, and help you discover what works best for you. And if options aren’t your cup of tea, that’s ok too.

Ultimately, options can be a powerful financial tool. And with great power comes great responsibility (thanks Spiderman). While we can’t promise that learning about options will make you a successful trader, it can help you become a more aware trader.

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